What are the minimum requirements for Wholesaler?

You can find the up-to-date minimum requirements for wholesale at https://patyinc.com/terms-conditions.

I can’t add items in the Cart or an item is not added?

Your web browser is probably outdated, and you will need to update it to the latest version. Alternatively, you might be using an old computer; in this case, you can try using a different computer.

How to reset my password?

You can easily reset your password here at https://patyinc.com/account/login?return_url=%2Faccount#recover.

How long will it take to ship my order?

Please wait 3 to 4 weeks if you order an item that takes 2 to 4 weeks for production and shipping. Our Paty Knit products require 2-3 weeks for production. Additionally, our Paty Quick Ship products ship within 2-3 business days.

I can’t see the white fabric very well because of the white background. It is hard to see.

Check your monitor's contrast and brightness settings; they are likely set to maximum or high. Lower both the brightness and contrast levels. Most monitors also have an auto-adjust button for brightness and contrast. You can use this auto-adjust feature to return the settings to normal. Additionally, some older monitors may not display colors accurately, so you may need to check your monitor's specifications as well.

I can’t select other product options

The product is out of stock, which is why you can't select it. We update our inventory weekly, so please check again later.

I can’t checkout, it is showing red caution or warning?

Your item likely did not meet the minimum quantity requirement, or there isn't enough stock available in your cart to meet the minimum quantity. Some items have a minimum requirement of 6, while others require a minimum of 3, etc., depending on the product. Always check the product's quantity requirement before adding it to your cart (Wholesaler Only). We recommend removing the item that didn't meet the minimum quantity to clear the red caution or warning message.

How to wash our Paty products?

Poly / Cotton blend use delicate cycle on a cool setting.